Japanese Private Lesson exclusive for Business Executives and Owners

This Japanese private lesson is exclusive for Business executives and owners to enhance your careers/business in Japan using business-related communication with a Marketing and Localization Specialist in Japan(Native Japanese).


Language is a part of the culture and can not be Natural (native sounds/tone/expression) only by learning the academic parts, especially Japan is a super unique country and uses a super unique language(Japanese).

From my experiences of working as a marketing and localization specialist to help international business to enhance their value in Japan, especially in content localization of web assets, I realized the need of educating business owners or executives about the cultural /structural differences between English and Japanese.

As you know, Japanese is quite unique Language, and we need to know the cultural background to fully understand business communication or messages, for example, We, native Japanese, sometimes don't speak/tell full details and expect you can guess/get what they really want, which easily makes miscommunication or trouble.

Effective communication is very difficult even if you use an interpreter /translator because most interpreters/translators just change the language(word), and cannot get the business insight accordingly, there is no way to figure out how much you have understood each other as long as you need to have interpreters/translators.

I also realized that business owners or executives are too busy to take time just learning "academic Japanese",

To solve this frustration, provide the next level of Japanese lessons specialized for business owners and executives who need to speak/understand Japanese for your business with a cultural / marketing background.

I am a native Japanese, Bilingual business and marketing specialist who is fluent in English and Has a wide variety of knowledge, experiences, and skills to help International companies/business to enhance their Business value in Japan, especially in content localization.

I have been working for foreign companies /entrepreneurs who want to expand their business/careers in Japan, which includes teaching them about Japanese culture and communication with appropriate Japanese business manners, which can not be taught by "Official Language Teachers" without business experience/background.

In other way of saying, I am professional in "using the Japanese language" to attract people and very well know about the cultural structural differences between Japanese and English as well as Japan and other countries.

Experiences in various industries including Fortune 500 multinational enterprises, Japanese corporations, startups, several global brands, and government.

Strong background in Medical / Health care industries and Travel / Study abroad / Online Language Leaning industries.


Exclusive for Business Executives

This language lesson is designed for Business Executives and Owners who want to expand their business/career in Japan.

Perfectly personalized for your business/carrier situations or needs.

If you want to get a better job in Japan, need to cooperate with Japanese companies, employees, and freelancers better, just want to know Japanese business culture better, need to get a better insight into the Japanese market without translators or interpreters who don't have the business background...

We can use real business situations you are or will be in and do pragmatic role-playing with the right understanding of the Japanese market and cultures, speaking, listening, even writing, and presentation, which is very cost and time-effective for you!

Because you can practice your Japanese communication and get the idea of business success in Japan!

Business owners

As a Business owner, you maybe need to express your concerns about Japanese cultures and Languages for your business to someone who is familiar with the cultural differences between Japan and your country.

As you know, If you understand Japan and Japanese better, you will be able to find better directions to enhance your Business value in Japan by yourself.

Of course, I am available to conduct tasks directly to build your business as a freelance work if you already know the right direction,
Even if you are in the stage of learning Japan market and Japanese culture(looking for potential), through free talk or business-related conversation, you can get better ideas with market insight as well as improve your Japanese skill for your business expansion.

Business Executives need Business Japanese

As a business executive, I know you have struggled to understand the cultural differences, as Japan is a unique country.

I also know you are very busy and it is not worth spending time just for the "Language(academic) Lesson" but you need to improve your pragmatic communication skills in Japanse in the specified situations for your carrier in Japan.

We can use the actual situations of your needs in the lesson, speaking, listening, even writing, and presentation, which is very cost/time-effective!

Medical/Wellness/Fitness/Health care topic

As a business executive, keeping fit and healthy is also important.

My Medical/Wellness/Fitness/Health care background is quite strong, including Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Neurology, Psychology, and physical, Mental, and Occupational therapy, I also have Experienced at Hospitals, Schools, Nursery homes, Group homes, and other special needs as well as Teaching experiences in medical colleges in Japan as well as online/offline private lessons.

We can also enjoy topics about how to keep you fit and healthy.

Travel topics

I love traveling and have traveled to many countries, and happy to share my experiences.

Also, we can talk about the place you should go when you come to Japan for a business tour or anything.


Feel free to contact me to apply for the Language lesson.


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