Enter the Japanese market, The BEST Agent solution is NOW available!

We are now ready to help companies or entrepreneurs who want to enter the Japanese market with tailor-made one-stop solutions with a team of NATIVE Japanese talents and properties/assets.

Agent service is NOW available!

As a Freelancer, my time and resources are limited, so I had to decline many offers.

To solve this frustration, I have built up the team solution with trusted and 100% Native Japanese talents and resources.

No work, Gain revenue!

We will be your LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, strong, and reliable arm in Japan.

Now you don't have to worry about anything, just have us, we do everything that you need, and you are sitting on the sofa and waiting to have revenue when your service /products are sold.

We know you are having hard time to find "Good freelancers" or "Agents" to build the team for Japan market, also there are the problems of quality, because it is very hard to expect to understand your mission/vision.

We are team of Native Japanese and doing the business for Japan market for long years, so we can sell/priomote your business and service perfectly same quality as we do our own service/products.

We understand you perfectly from the experiences of global marketer, and build the effective strategy and all necessary assets/support both online and offline by Native Japanese professionals.

  • Consulting
  • Market / Keyword Research
  • Strategy building and Marketing Execution
  • Localization (Contents, UI/UX)
  • Design/Development
  • Customer care/satisfaction
  • Legal support
  • Build Local connection

All you need to do is tell us about your business/serive/products, then we will take care of everything for you.

Also, much more affordable and safe than hiring full time/part time talents from the beginning stage.

You don't need to anything, just get the revenue when the products/services are sold !

Tailor-made service is also available!

If you need a one-stop solution, or already build up some resources and just need spot service, that is also fine!

Just let us know about your business, then we will get back to you!

Just you are interested in having Japanese market as a part of your global expansion, but doesn't interested in having special team because of budgets or expected revenue, this is also your best solution, because we will be your exclusive agent in Japan, and you just expecting having revenues only when your items are sold !

You don't need to spend any money or efforts for uncertn challenge !


Reliable Freelance service is still available!

Don't worry !

My freelance service is still available, and if you need one trusted person for Marketing, localization, and copywriting, please feel free to contact me from here.

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