Enter the Japanese market, The BEST Agent solution is NOW available!

We are now ready to help companies or entrepreneurs who want to enter the Japanese market with tailor-made one-stop solutions with a team of NATIVE Japanese talents and properties/assets.

Agent service is NOW available!

As a Freelancer, my time and resources are limited.

To solve this frustration, I have built up the team solution with trusted and 100% Native Japanese talents and resources.

Your Business Partner in Japan

We are here to be your "Reliable Arm" to enter your products/service into Japan effectively.

We know you are struggling to find cost-effective solutions and/or professional Japanese talents, as well as build the trust of your target Japanese audiences to promote/sell your products /services in Japan.

It is almost impossible for you to enter the Japanese market just by changing the language because Japan is a very unique country and we have a lot of cultural and structural barriers/differences to clear, but there is no comprehensive solution for business owners from abroad like you.

That is why we are here for you.

If you are not doing well with the freelancers you have found, or working with an agency in your country or abroad, or you are considering the best way to enter the Japanese market, Please consult us.

We know the way to change and make a difference!


No work, Gain revenue!

We can be your LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, strong, and reliable arm in Japan and provide tailor-made business solutions for you.

You don't have to worry about anything, " just have us, we do everything that you need, and you are sitting on the sofa in your country and waiting to have revenue when your service /products are sold" can be also possible.

Who we are

We are a team of Native Japanese talents with local resources for you to sell/promote your business and service in Japan.

We understand you perfectly and help you with the experiences of global marketers, then build an effective strategy and provide all necessary assets/support both online and offline.

Benefit to work with US

We can provide tailor-made service for your specific needs

Popular Needs

  • Consulting service to see the potential of your products/service in Japan market
  • Market / Keyword Research to see the potential for you to decide to enter Japan market or to improve revenue
  • Build strategy and Execute marketing strategies (online and offline) to make the best practices
  • Localize your services and products perfectly to fit your target audiences (Contents, UI/UX)
  • Design/Development by native Japanese
  • Customer care/satisfaction
  • Legal support
  • Provide 100% Japanese local resources/assets/connections to help you can build a reliable position in Japan from the early stage
  • QA test / Data collection by Native Japanese to improve your service /products
  • Build a team of 100 % Native Japanese and assets for your products/service
  • Offline/Local Event organization and support (pop-up, sampling, exhibition, or any event)
  • Manage/Operate crowdfunding/and any launch champaigns in Japan

What you don't need to worry about

If you have us, you don't need to waste time and cost on the following things

  • Find good/reliable talents to build the team
  • Test (try and error)to find the best practice
  • Keep managing your assets in Japan
  • Build trust (clear legal and traditional barriers)in Japan
  • Using internal valuable resources

Tailor-made service is also available!

If you need a one-stop solution, or already build up some resources and just need spot services, B2B or B2C, anything is OK!

Just let us know about your business, then we will get back to you!

You are just interested in having the Japanese market as a part of your global expansion but doesn't interested in having a special team because of budgets or expected revenue, this is also your best solution, because we can be your exclusive agent in Japan, and you just expecting having revenues only when your items are sold!

Please consult us BEFORE spending any money or effort on an uncertain challenge!


Reliable Freelancer made this service

Based on 20years+ freelance experience as a right arm of the business owner/entrepreneur, as well as a marketing specialist of global companies including Japanese companies, We are now ready to help companies or entrepreneurs who want to enter the Japanese market with tailor-made one-stop solutions as a team of reliable 100% NATIVE Japanese talents and 100 % local properties/assets.

Please feel free to consult us about your needs, and let's find the best way for both of us!

Need Agent

Don't worry, I still provide professional freelance services for long-term value clients, to keep quality and value.

If you need one trusted person for Marketing, localization, and copywriting, please feel free to contact me from here.

Need Freelancer

In addition to that, We now open more windows with a much more wide variety of solutions and resources including offline locally located networks and assets/resources.

If your service/products are to C or To B, If your business/company is Small or Big, it doesn't matter!