Best Business Localization and Marketing for Japan Market!

【Marketing】x【Desigin】x【CopyWriting】 Perfectly “Localize” your business with the right understanding of the Japanese Market and Copywriting/Design skills to enhance your business value. Execute effective Marketing tactics to improve Access, CV, and LTV!

The Best Growth Hack and Localization for Japan Market

===Provide the Best SOLUTION===

The service is designed to solve frustration to Localize your business to Japan.

If you are interested in expanding your business in Japan, It is very wise to work with me from the beginning for the long term because many clients come back to me after they spend stupid money on ineffective work from poor solutions.

I do value long-term collaboration.

Provide 【all in one solution】 to localize your business and web assets, including translation, copywriting, SEO, SEM, email marketing, Social media management, contents creation, and Operating and monitoring Campaigns like Google Ads, social media ads, and any other promotions, which make things go very smoothly and bring great results very fast.

We even can also start with Market research to see the potential.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Develop & Execute a direct-to-target digital marketing strategy
  • Analyze and Optimize your marketing strategy or Customer acquisition process (Access x Conversion x LifeTimeValue)
  • Monitor and optimize the data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager.....and some other tools
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Business Research and Analysis
  • Competitor Research and Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Contents Optimization(Translation, Copywriting, Localization, on-site SEO)- In system work available
  • Buyer Persona Creation
  • Brand Message (USP) Creation
  • SEO, SEM - Only White Hat - Won't help any Spam-like action
  • ASO (App Store Optimization) - Google Play / Apple Store
  • Paid Traffic, Ads management, Expand on profitable paid traffic campaigns
  • Social Media post and Campaign Managing
  • B2B Partnerships
  • A/B test


Full stuck Marketing Strategy

My marketing strategy is based on psychology and the science of the brain as well as the right understanding of the market, marketing insights, competitive analysis, and evaluation and optimization of keywords to reach the goal effectively.

In addition to that, I am a good feel for converting copy and designs/layouts(UI / UX)of web assets as it is also the key strategy for marketing.

It doesn't mean just creating beautiful artwork, but making clear steps for your target audiences to choose your services naturally and effectively without any structural incompatibility or mess

  • Expand/Develop profitable traffic with a consistent strategy for the purpose of generating targeted leads/sales.
  • Enhance/Build profitable sales funnels by segment (leads/customers) to successfully onboard, engage, and up/cross-sell.
  • Develop/Execute a social media plan for the brand and all products.
  • Advance the Company and product brands in the market with a controlled, quality experience.
  • Manage the ongoing performance of marketing, funnel, and KPIs (key performance indicators) to accomplish profitable data-driven decisions.

In system Localization available

Business Design to Create Effective UI and UX for your Target audience is also important to get to the Japanese market because we have a lot of cultural structural differences.

Provide an all-in-one solution to Solve your frustration of localizing your business to Japan.

For here, In system work available To cover cultural /structural differences, it is very important to understand how content will be displayed on the User interface.

For example, most foreign websites are translated by word by translators, which have the wrong break lines of words/sentences, don't fit the space well, are hard to understand( including misleading), or have bad User experiences.

I am familiar with apps, major CMS like WordPress, Design systems like Adobe, and Movie Editing systems, and I can create/localize content in the system directly as well to take care of all structural/cultural differences between Japanese and English, which can Bring Great results very fast, because no interpretation is required, between Marketing parts and Technical parts.

I know it is very difficult to express your passion/vision precisely on the web assets because almost all translator/designer/developer doesn't have a background in business and marketing.

I can understand both parties' languages and can translate/interpret precisely between "Business owner” and "designer/developer" languages and express them on the online/web market accordingly.

"Direct work in the system" and " all in one solution (copy, design, and development) can make big differences, NO MESS and Perfectly Natural, Unlike most “Translated” apps/software/websites.

TOP Quality Copywriting, Effective Localization & SEO to Promote 24/7

Not just changing Language(translation)! Effective Localization & SEO should Make/enhance the business value, Promote your business 24/7 basis.

Grammatically / Literally correct does NOT always mean Natural/Attractive Japanese because we have a lot of structural /cultural differences, and Definitely need proper “Copywriting skills” to enhance your business value in Japan.

One of the most important things that the business owner has to understand is the difference between Copywriting and Translation, Because sometimes they are used as the same thing, but they are totally different from each other, especially since we have big cultural and structural differences between English and Japanese.

If you don't know the difference, you are not able to choose the best solution to localize your business to Japan.

Before talking about the difference between Copywriting and Translation, Let me ask you one question.

"What is the purpose to localize your business content to Japanese?"


Contents Localization should be done for Local users to understand your business and let them consider your service and products as one option in Japan Market.

That is why content needs to be in Japanese because almost all Japanese can not read/understand English or any other language.

"Translation" is a simple way to change the language, and this can be done by anyone even AI machine solutions like Google Translate.

There are no big quality differences because it is just a language change solution, however, because of the big cultural/structural differences between English and Japanese, and we have a wide range of expression ways and preferences, so the outcome of translation can be really varied depending on their background and how much you have shared the contexts of contents.

Sometimes it totally doesn't make sense even if it is literally correct.

For the same reason, "TransCreation" by translators is really crazy solution because it is just personal content and makes a mess, eventually. (No consistency.)

For example, if you don't know anything about medicine, you are not able to understand articles on medicine even if it is written in your language, right?

Same as this, Translators who don't know anything about the business are just translating literally, which means almost the same as Google translation, even if they say it is "Native Japanese Human Translation"

That is why almost all"Translated Content" doesn't work well, because they are simply poor writing even though the original contents are perfect.

I know you are here to find the best solution to expand your business in Japan.

And I would like to write about one of the common but the biggest mistake that almost all business owners who would like to take the Japanese market does.

First, Let me ask you a few questions.

To start your business, you definitely need some contents to explain/promote your business.

・Who should make the content?
・Do you use a poor writer to create your assets even in your language?
・How much effort/time do you spend to create some valuable content in your language?

The answer is obvious, right?

And you have already realized the reason the most "translated business" doesn't work.

Another reason that the "translated contents" don't work is come from big cultural and structural differences between English and Japanese.

Most translators can not take care of what you translate especially they are asked to translate word to word, and can not imagine the final product or target audiences (end users), and how the contents are displayed in the system at all, so Eventually, really messy online assets are made, Hard to read, hard to understand.

It is impossible to get ranked on search engines without thinking about the target users, Even if you reach potential customers through ads, nobody buys your service or products from badly translated/unprofessional writing websites.

Please note: It is very easy to recognize "translated contents" by native Japanese, as it is totally unnatural and boring, Even suspicious!! and search engines can also recognize it!!

That is why we need a professional copywriter to expand your business even in your native languages, Because Copywriting is not just content writing or Content creation, it is a part of marketing and creating an online salesman to promote your business 24/7 basis online.

As you know a Good salesman never tries to "sell" anything but Makes a good relationship first then Makes the user realize their needs and choose the products and services.

Of course, This can be done by an only experienced/skilled copywriter who understands the market and marketing very well as a part of the marketing process.

Translation service is suitable for Academic Content, Legal Parts like Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy, but not for business content or your online assets.

A very good example to tell good localization is Apple Ad "Crazy Ones"

You know the Ad, "Crazy Ones", the world-famous "Apple" created, and they made the Japanese copy.

Actually, they are very good copy, very impressive, and get the context very well.

But in some points, we can say it is wrong if you see "the translator's eye" mean You check them literally/grammatically.

It is quite obvious, many "Native Japanese" copywriters and marketers have spent great efforts to create "impressive Japanese copy".

Needless to say, If you need to expand your business in Japan, you should have a good copywriter.

Translation can also work for the business as well if the translator has the right business/marketing background in Japanese as well as you have shared your philosophy and context very well with them, however, in most cases, it will be very difficult because they are just language changers and you can not afford to educate them.

Please also don't forget there are a lot of Japanese LOCAL competitors who spend many hours /effort to create good web content.

I have plenty of stock of vocabulary and tones as well as writing skills to attract audiences of any kind and provide the message in a simple and effective way, That makes a difference.

Popular Services

Services that many clients loved

ASO - Apple store and Google play

Basic store page optimization includes the following.

  • Market and competitor research and analysis
  • Target keyword research and analysis
  • Usually provide 2-3 patterns of Title, Subtitle, and Short Description, so that you can do some A/B tests to see best practices and one Long Description, and Keywords Field. (depends on market and product)
  • Feedback to enhance your value

Other Options

  • Screenshots optimization (only text or including design depending on your need)
  • Consulting to improve CV, Access, and LTV
  • Promotion with local media
  • Market research
  • Keyword research
  • In-app optimization or localization

LP / Website all-in-one Localization

Design and Copywriting with the Marketing strategy and insight.

Basically Include the following

  • Consulting
  • Market and competitor research and analysis
  • Target keyword research and analysis
  • Target Persona
  • Copywriting
  • Design(comprehensive layout)including header and footer

Other Options

  • Directions to developers or coders to implement
  • Consulting to improve CV, Access, and LTV
  • Build the best marketing plan and execute
  • Promotion planning in the local market
  • Ads and social media management
  • In app/system optimization or localization of the products/Service

In-App / System Localization

Familiar with software, app, websites, and e-commerce system development and I can directly work in the system, with an understanding of the basic web languages, like HTML, CSS, and PHP.....and I can take care of all structural/cultural differences accordingly.

So NO MESS, Fit the current Layout, Perfectly Natural and useful, especially for the following products, Saas, and apps

  • Language localization/translation tools
  • Marketing tools including Keywords
  • Keywords tools
  • Whiteboard movie maker which needs to take care of Stroke order
  • Keyword research
  • anything that Works with the combination of short words and phrases, not long sentences


If you just need to look at the potential you can feel free to contact me!

We can find the best way together!

  • Analyze/optimize your Service and marketing strategy
  • Provide the suggestion on how to improve your marketing plan
  • Japanese market insights with competitive analysis
  • Market analysis to see the potential of your business/market


Support international businesses with local marketing and engagement strategies for doing business with Japanese businesses.

  • Market Research and Analytics
  • Build the strategy for effective customer acquisition as well as maximize your value and revenue (Access X Conversion x LTV)
  • Developing personalized account-based marketing campaigns
  • Demand Generation
  • Marketing operations to create an optimal lead-routing flow
  • Conceptualizing and controlling upsell campaigns and promoting new features
  • Professional social media management
  • Covering the full range of enterprise localization
  • Keed ads are always appealing, well-performing, and meet your quality standards
  • A/B test
  • Tag management
  • Continuously optimize existing campaigns/Ads

Copywriting / Contents Localization

TOP Quality Copywriting, Effective Localization & SEO to Promote your business 24/7 basis.

My strength is not only just "Translating (Changing the language)", I can do perfectly "Localize" with the right understanding of the market (including optimized keywords) and Top quality writing skills to Provide the message in a simple and effective way.

I have plenty of stock of vocabulary and expressions as well as Top quality copywriting skills to attract the right audiences for you.

Extra Background (LOVE)

Experience in various industries including Fortune 500 multinational enterprises, Japanese corporations, startups, several global brands, and the government, and I can take care of any industry based on the right market research.

I am very happy to accept the offer from any industry/market, however, I would love to work for the following Market X Technologies(AI, SaaS, App)

Travel / Study abroad /Language learning industry

I love traveling worldwide and have worked in Travel and Study abroad(and Language Learning) industries for several years as well.

I also have the highest qualification in the travel industry in Japan, which means I am very familiar with the travel industry on both sides. (Provider and Customer)

Medical / Health Care / Fitness / Wellness Industry

I majored in rehabilitation at Nagoya university and have great medical/wellness/fitness background(Anatomy, physiology, Kinesiology, Neurology, Psychology, physical, mental, and occupational therapy)

Has worked at Hospitals, Schools, Nursery homes, group homes, and any other special needs, also, has teaching experience in medical colleges in Japan as well as online/offline private lessons.

Localize medical / healthcare industry products perfectly and effectively for both medical and non-medical backgrounds audiences in Japan with the right choice of medical terms.

The market for Personal health and fitness become hotter, especially among a growing aging population.

A surge of patent applications for wearables is a sign of things to come Tech is invading our watches, our glasses, and even our clothes, And New devices are leveraging AI.

Rising rates of chronic disease and obesity are helping to fuel the adoption of activity trackers and body monitors that provide real-time information on a person’s well-being, and lots of powerful new capabilities with biometric sensors that track everything like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and sleep quality has been adding.

Smart patches allow medical teams to monitor patients remotely to help manage things like diabetes management, recovery from surgery, and medication.

The fitness industry is also glowing very fast and new ways to access fitness technology and programs are created, often from the comfort of people’s homes.

Both aspiring and professional athletes require specialized training programs to keep them at the top of their game, and Companies provide an interactive fitness platform that makes training from the comfort of your home convenient and enjoyable.

Digital physical therapy platforms, 24/7 access to licensed providers, at-home sample collection, and more data than ever on doctors, healthcare plans, costs, and more are empowering patients to take control of their health and well-being.

Edtech companies are helping to make learning accessible for a wider array of students and offering entirely new models to cater to specific types of learners. Students can learn at their own pace and take advantage of innovations like interactive video lectures and gamified lesson plans.

I am really interested in helping those industries' products localize into Japan to reach the Japanese market properly.

See my medical background

*I also use the website to test some marketing strategies and ideas when I have time 🙂

Contact / Consult

Any offer for your business growth Growth hacking in Japan (copywriting, localizing, marketing, design, strategy building ) please get in touch!

I am always here for you.


Agent service is Available!

As a Freelancer, my time and resources are limited, so I had to decline many offers.

To solve this frustration, I have built up the team solution with trusted and 100% Native Japanese talents and resources.

See Agent solution