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Best Business Localization and Marketing for Japan Market!

【Marketing】x【Desigin】x【CopyWriting】 Perfectly “Localize” your business with the right understanding of the Japanese Market and Copywriting/Design skills to enhance your business value. Execute effective Marketing tactics to improve Access, CV, and LTV! The Best Growth Hack and Localization for Japan Market ===Provide the Best SOLUTION=== The service is designed to solve frustration to Localize your business to Japan. If you are interested in expanding your business in Japan, It is very wise to work with me from the beginning for the long term because many clients come back to me after they spend stupid money on ineffective work from poor solutions. I do value long-term collaboration. Provide 【all in one solution】 to localize your business and web assets, including translation, copywriting, SEO, SEM, email marketing, Social media management, contents creation, and Operating and monitoring Campaigns like Google Ads, social media ads, and any other promotions, which make things go very smoothly and bring great results very fast. We even can also start with Market research to see the potential. Full stuck Marketing Strategy My marketing strategy is based on psychology and the science of the brain as well as the right understanding of the market, marketing insights, competitive analysis, and evaluation and optimization of keywords to reach the goal effectively. In addition to that, I am a good feel for converting copy and designs/layouts(UI / UX)of web assets as it is also the key strategy for marketing. It doesn't mean just creating beautiful artwork, but making clear steps for your target audiences to choose your services ...

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Enter the Japanese market, The BEST Agent solution is NOW available!

We are now ready to help companies or entrepreneurs who want to enter the Japanese market with tailor-made one-stop solutions with a team of NATIVE Japanese talents and properties/assets. Agent service is NOW available! As a Freelancer, my time and resources are limited, so I had to decline many offers. To solve this frustration, I have built up the team solution with trusted and 100% Native Japanese talents and resources. No work, Gain revenue! We will be your LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, strong, and reliable arm in Japan. Now you don't have to worry about anything, just have us, we do everything that you need, and you are sitting on the sofa and waiting to have revenue when your service /products are sold. We know you are having hard time to find "Good freelancers" or "Agents" to build the team for Japan market, also there are the problems of quality, because it is very hard to expect to understand your mission/vision. We are team of Native Japanese and doing the business for Japan market for long years, so we can sell/priomote your business and service perfectly same quality as we do our own service/products. We understand you perfectly from the experiences of global marketer, and build the effective strategy and all necessary assets/support both online and offline by Native Japanese professionals. All you need to do is tell us about your business/serive/products, then we will take care of everything for you. Also, much more affordable and safe than hiring full time/part time talents from the beginning stage. You ...

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Japanese Private Lesson exclusive for Business Executives and Owners

This Japanese private lesson is exclusive for Business executives and owners to enhance your careers/business in Japan using business-related communication with a Marketing and Localization Specialist in Japan(Native Japanese). About Language is a part of the culture and can not be Natural (native sounds/tone/expression) only by learning the academic parts, especially Japan is a super unique country and uses a super unique language(Japanese). From my experiences of working as a marketing and localization specialist to help international business to enhance their value in Japan, especially in content localization of web assets, I realized the need of educating business owners or executives about the cultural /structural differences between English and Japanese. As you know, Japanese is quite unique Language, and we need to know the cultural background to fully understand business communication or messages, for example, We, native Japanese, sometimes don't speak/tell full details and expect you can guess/get what they really want, which easily makes miscommunication or trouble. Effective communication is very difficult even if you use an interpreter /translator because most interpreters/translators just change the language(word), and cannot get the business insight accordingly, there is no way to figure out how much you have understood each other as long as you need to have interpreters/translators. I also realized that business owners or executives are too busy to take time just learning "academic Japanese", To solve this frustration, provide the next level of Japanese lessons specialized for business owners and executives who need to speak/understand Japanese for your business with a cultural / marketing background. ...