Difference between Copywriting and Translation?


【Copywriting】 vs 【Translation】

One of the most important things that the business owner have to understand is difference between Copywriting and Translation, Because sometimes they are used as the same thing, but they are totally different from each other.

If you don’t know the diffrence, you are not able to choose the best solution to localize your business into Japanese

The purpose to Localize Contents

Before talking about the difference between Copywriting and Translation, what is the purpose to localize your business contents into Japanese?


Contents Localization should be done for Local users to understand your business and let them consider your service and products as one option in Japan Market.

That is why content needs to be in Japanese,because almost all Japanese can not read/understand English or anyother languages.

What is 【Translation】

Translation is the simple way to change language.

This can be done anyone even AI machine solutions like Google Translate.

There is no big quality differences because it is just language change solution.

But because of the big cultural/structural difference between English and Japanese as well as a wide range of expression ways and preferences, the outcome of translation can be really varied depends on their background and how much you have been shared the contexts of contents.

Sometimes it is totally doesn’t make sense even it is literally correct.

*With the same reason, “TransCreation” by translator is really crazy solution because it can be just personal contents and make the mess, eventually.(No consistency.)

For example, if you don’t know anything about medicine, you are not able to understand articles of medicine even which is written in your language, right?

Same as you, Translators who don’t know anything about the business is just translating literally, which means almost same as Google translation, even they say it is “Native Japanese Human Translation”

That is why almost all“Translated Contents” doesn’t work well

What is 【Copywriting】

Copywriting is to create the printed salesman.

This is the message for your target audiences, and can promote your business 24/7 basis online.

Copywriting is not just content writing or Contents creation. That is part of marketing and create online salesman for your business

As you know that Good salesman never try to sell anything. and Good Copywriting takes the same steps.

  • 1: Make a good relationship first.
  • 2: Make the user realized their needs.
  • 3: Make them choose the products and services.
  • Ofcourse, This can be written by an only experienced/skilled copywriter who understands the market and marketing very well as a part of marketing process.

    Depending on the situation

  • All Academic Contents
  • Legul Parts like Term of Use, Privacy Policy
  • Copywriting
  • All Business Contents
  • Real Contents Localization

    Needless to say, If you need to expand your business in Japan, you shuold have a good copywriter.

    Translation can also work for the business as well if the translator has the right business/marketing background in Japanese as well as you have shared your philosophy and context very well to them.

    But most of the case, it will be very difficult. Because they are just a language changer and you can not afford to educate them.

    Please note: It is very easy to recognize “translated contents” by native Japanese, as it is totally unnatural and boring. Even suspicious!! and search engine can also recognize!!

    Please also don’t forget there are a lot of Japanese competitors who spend many hours /effort to create good web content.