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Apple Ad “Crazy Ones”

The very good example to tell good localization is Apple Ad “Crazy Ones”

You know the Ad, “Crazy Ones”, the world-famous “Apple” created. Of course, they made the Japanese copy.

Actually, they are very good copy, very impressive and get the context very well.

But in some points, we can say it is wrong if you see “the translators’ eye” mean You check them literally/grammatically.

It is quite obvious, many “Native Japanese” copywriters and marketers have spent great efforts to create “the impressive Japanse copy” .

Make the value, Not just change Language

Good Contents Localization should Make/enhance the business value, Not just change Language.

Grammatically/Literally correct does NOT mean Natural/Attractive Japanese because we have a lot of structural /cultural differences.

Definitely needs proper “Copywriting skill”

In the system work available

To cover cultural /structural differences, it is very important to understand how content will be displayed on UI.

For example, wrong break lines of words and sentences, don’t fit the space well, or wrong context will bring bad User experience.

I am familiar with the app industry, major CMS like WordPress, Design system like Adobe, Movie Editing system and I can create/localize contents in the system as well to take care of all structural/cultural differences between Japanese and English in the system.

So NO MESS and Perfectly Natural , unlike most “Translated” app/soft/websites.

Enhance your web asset value

I am a native Japanese. Bilingual business and marketing specialist who is fluent in Japanese and English with special knowledge and skills to help you to increase your sales in Japan, of course, have many experiences in the various industries including Fortune 500 multinational enterprises, Japanese corporations, startups, several global brands, and government. 

My marketing strategy is based on psychology and the science of the brain as well as the right understanding of the market, so I always can adjust effectively to reach the goal, by providing Japanese market insights and competitive analysis as well as evaluation and optimization of keywords. 

I can do perfectly “Localize” with the right understanding of the market and writing skills. Also, provide the message in a simple and effective way. I have plenty of stock of vocabulary and tones as well as writing skills to attract audiences for any kind. That makes a difference.

Parody”Crazy Ones”

Please enjoy Parody “Crazy Ones” to understand me !