• 2020.01.02

Japanese Private Lesson for Business Excective

Language is a Culture As a business owner, you might have struggled to understand the cultural differences, as Japan is a very unique country. It might be very good to have private Japanese Lesson because Learning language is a very important part to understand its culture. Just for Business Executive I know you are very busy and it is not worth to spend time for “Language Lesson” . But it might be a very cost-effective time if we can discuss your business both Japanese ? We can set topics that you want to discuss in Japanese, and do pragmatic lessons for you as a business executive.

  • 2019.01.06

Have a Japanese phone number in your county.

Have a Japanese phone number in your country If you want to have a Japanese phone number(Not mobile), even if you are in the outside of Japan, This is the one solution that you can have a Japanese phone number in your country or or for your virtual assistants in Japan. I can help you to set up the system. Click here to get more info