Why? “Translated Business Contents” doesn’t work.


Common Mistakes

I know you are here to find the best solution to expand your business in Japan.

And I would like to write about one of common but the biggest mistake that almost all business owner who would like to take Japanse market does.

Questions to know the mistakes

First, Let me ask you a few questions.

To start your business, you definitely need some online contents to explain/promote your business.

1: Qualified Person

  • Who should make the business content?
  • Do you use a poor writer to create your web assets in your language?
  • 2: Required Skills

  • How much effort/time do you spend to create some valuable contents in your language?
  • What kinds of skills Required to create those?
  • Know the Answer, Still Go Wrong…

    The answer is obvious, right?

    And you have already realized the reason the most “translated business” doesn’t work.

    Why “Translated Contents” Doesn’t Work?

    Because it is boring.

    It is simply because that is boring and/or not the contents that your target audience is look for.

    The translators can just change the language, literally and grammatically.

    Nobody want to read the boring textbooks.

    Bad UI/UX

    The another reason that the “translated contents” doesn’t work is comes from big cultural and structural differences between English and Japanese.

    Most translator can not take care of what you translated displayed in the system at all.

    Eventually really messy online assets is made.

    Hard to read, hard to understand.

    It is impossible to get ranked on search engines without thinking the target users. Even was able to reach the potential customers, nobody buys your service or products from bad UI/UX websites.